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  1. Dr. Philgood

    Just want to be the first to thank the crew who really hooked me and Lee Roy up along with Drew, Rob and the whole Hustler Video team…
    Edit: Oh yeah, Lee Roy Myers too LOL

  2. Lee Roy

    Our team never laughed as hard as when we spray painted boobs yellow. You can pickup the movie from several retailers like Hustler Hollywood

  3. Lee Roy Myers

    Get the DVD before everyone else Order Now and if In Europe Order Here

  4. Senor Ballsack

    Suffering suckagash

  5. Anonymous

    Phillip DeFranco sent me to this. And it was awesome!

  6. tgy

    Error establishing a database connection

    • Dr. Philgood

      Sorry we had too much traffic when you tried. Getting a better server ASAP. Please try again.

  7. JoAnna

    this is funny


    Marge, I don’t think anything I’ve ever done is wrong.

  9. je

    wow good movie, i really was waiting for someone to do this, thumbs up!

  10. Christopher

    muy bueno el video me causo risa

  11. Ted

    Next time the voice cast of the real show wants to renegotiate they salaries for more money, someone needs to show Dan Castanelleta this thing; and he’ll probably think twice. That Homer voice was dead-on. Amazing.

    Neat to see a porno parody where the writer / director is an evident fan of the source material and really, eh, nails it.

  12. Well done – voice effects are excellente.

  13. Andrea

    Nice, I’d like to see the full version…

  14. evelyn


  15. pancho


  16. diego


  17. LolGuy

    hello , when i got the email , i click in the verification link , but he say to me database error :(

  18. Max

    even much better than the marge’s playboy

  19. charls


  20. Oscar


  21. jocker

    gimme de video

  22. jelr

    when this is commin out?

  23. Valley Model

    I got yellow fever

    • Dr. Philgood

      Yellow fever without the 13 hour plane ride and the long lines at the Brazilian consulate… LOL

  24. darkmatter

    I will not say anything about the production, because I think they are always good. But really it’s not fun if Bart, Lisa or other characters are included doing it with Marge and other primary characters.

  25. hecuso


  26. mark

    Need moar!

  27. Gianfranco

    Looks interesting :) Excellent job, guys!

    • Dr. Philgood

      Thanks so much for the compliment. I we can make it any better please let me know…

  28. Sopra

    Man, great creation. Congratulations for the ideia!

  29. Edison

    Oh yeah

  30. Toms

    Yes, good film.

  31. Nico


  32. mauricio garcia robles

    I´m a huge fan of the Simpsons

  33. jorge morelos garcia

    I don´t like this idea.

  34. Fernando

    Wow esperemos una buena movi

  35. yoyo


  36. deimer

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  37. Frank

    I can only say…

  38. TheChivatore

    Me mola pero quiero
    mas mas mas mas mas

  39. Ladyslim

    Great concept about damn time ¡!!!!!! I thought it would be cartoons but alive yellow colored people is much better g j :-) looking forward to more…. ………. Who will next….. Family guy… … future rama….. Who knows keep it going really FUNNY¡!!!!!!!

  40. Blowbangfan

    Great acting and nice makeup but I wish Audrey Bitoni got the role of Marge. I guess that Andy San Dimas has the voice down best. Evan Stone as McBain is priceless. Looks great all around!

  41. so good….

  42. jhon

    really good idea

  43. ricardo

    finally LOL…

  44. orripido


  45. Funny.

  46. jjurban


  47. berny


  48. ROOMAN


  49. Denso


  50. prissila

    cool !!!

  51. Davy Crockett

    Why did you ruin that movie with James Deen? He’s a pansy looking sissy boy and he ruins every scene he’s in

  52. shasho

    very very good

  53. I just want to see video

  54. Kevinex

    Ohh My God!!

    Incredible ;)

  55. ladyboysheaven

    This idea is priceless, it’s definitely given me yellow fever.. looking forward to seeing more!

  56. serafin orellana

    muy buena

  57. xxx

    thats great

  58. kaka


  59. Bobbyl


  60. OOO!!!!
    very good

  61. raul

    very good
    I want plus

  62. Niqo

    Muy bueno el video jaja me hiso reir, aguante el porno carajoo!!!! (Argentina)

    Very nice the video haha, this is very funny. I love porn (ingles)

  63. pets

    it’s very nice :D:D

  64. Lello


  65. matteo


  66. Ariel


  67. lol

  68. francisco

    the best

  69. David


  70. eevis


  71. oronzo

    Holy crap, Batman!

  72. Dr Picsou

    Hrrrm! A very interesting and funny idea… but your email signup account is inactive. D’oh!
    You’d better fi-diddly-ix it.

  73. gigi

    i love simpsons family

  74. claeskens gianni


  75. El Cholo

    Quiero ver cómo se la ponen a Lisa!!! je jee

  76. Jonas

    This is so surreal!

  77. dean

    Soooo Amazing

  78. lmpr

    good movie i like

  79. j


  80. Kalel


  81. ago


  82. Diego Ovelar

    Hi I’m from Paraguay

  83. Diego Ovelar

    I wanna see the trailer

  84. Giovanni


  85. Ron Dangerfield

    Where is this video?

  86. 420stephen

    Hey hey

  87. bob

    this better have comic book guy banging skinner’s mom….

  88. SPINAAAa

    I can’t get the link… wtf… >.<

    • admin2

      check it now sorry about that…

  89. alphonse

    haha cowl

  90. guillermo

    muy buena la pagina

  91. Dr. Pitt

    great movie!!!

  92. ANDRES


  93. fran


  94. Jackson


  95. Shay Morgan

    Awesome!! So when are you doing Family Guy?? Giggity! Count me in!!!

    “Oh Peter! You caught me with Quagmire’s cock in my pussy? It’s ok, stick yours in my mouth..” -Louis Lol.

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  97. orion

    where can i find simpson xxx parody ?

  98. and I want to fuck with lisa…:)

  99. Otto Botto

    This is funny

  100. italo

    ciao belli

  101. gordon


  102. betty boop

    a masturbation piece!

  103. this is funny

  104. Renatto


  105. Andro

    I laughed a lot with this! Its simply great! haha

  106. voya79

    Great realise!

  107. Fhzjdjc

    Nice love it

  108. D. Roy

    seems pretty comical

  109. Krystal Lee

    Thanks for the heads up!

  110. david

    ese video esta bravaso jeeje angan otro ¿
    peru !

  111. carlos


  112. pitbull


  113. great

    Excelente pelicula

  114. taz

    Who’s giving the Bart-Lisa-Maggie-part?

    Im sure it will be illegal in my country.

  115. jose

    quiero foooooooollar amarge y hacer que me lama el pene

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  120. samuka

    rule 34…

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